Concise Oxford English-Arabic Dictionary of Current Usage (one-way)

Concise Oxford English-Arabic Dictionary of Current Usage (one-way)

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  • Designed to meet the needs both of the Arabic speaker who is learning English and of the English speaker who is learning Arabic.
  • Gives phonetic pronunciation of English words. 
  • Identify regional variations in Arabic, and formal, literary and slang terms.
  • Records the different levels of usage met with in newspapers, radio, television, and films.
  • Where familiar, colloquial, and slang levels are indicated, the major Arabic dialectal equivalents are given.
  • Note this is one way - English to Arabic

Published in 1982, hardback, 461 pages, 20x14cm.

ISBN 9780198643210

Edited by N.S. Doniach

Publisher - Oxford University Press

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  • Publisher  Oxford University Press
  • ISBN  9780198643210