DK French-English Visual Bilingual Dictionary. With free Audio

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  • Colour photographs and illustrations throughout.
  • Free audio app features native speakers for accurate pronunciation.
  • Classified by theme.
  • Approx. 6,000 words and phrases.
  • Range of subjects: from shopping and eating out, to sport and beyond quickly and easily. 
  • Find every word you need to know fast using the clearly labelled colour illustrated scenes from everyday life.
  • With both French and English indexes.
  • Perfect for school use, children and adult language learners.

Published in 2017, paperback, 360 pages, 16.5x14cm.

ISBN 9780241287286

Publisher - Dorling Kindersley

The quick and intuitive way for anyone to learn thousands of words, picture dictionaries are perfect for children and young adults learning English or another language. Lovely illustrations and a wide range of languages available.
  • Publisher  Dorling Kindersley
  • ISBN  9780241287286