English-Slovak Picture Dictionary for Children and Schools

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A modern English-Slovak illustrated picture dictionary perfect for schools and children.
  • Approx. 1,700 entries.
  • A large format hardback full of colour illustrations annotated in both English and Slovak. 
  • Arranged by theme
  • Includes a Slovak-English & English-Slovak index and word list at the back.

Published in 2009, hardback, 80 pages, 30x21.5cm.

ISBN 9788010015818

Author - Kovacsova, Z. & Repassyova, E.

Publisher - Slovenske Pedagogicke Nakladatelstvo

The quick and intuitive way for anyone to learn thousands of words, picture dictionaries are perfect for children and young adults learning English or another language. Lovely illustrations and a wide range of languages available.
  • Publisher  Slovenske Pedagogicke Nakladatelstvo
  • ISBN  9788010015818