Far East Pinyin Chinese-English & English-Chinese Dictionary

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A modern Pinyin Chinese-English & English-Chinese Dictionary.


  • This dictionary contains essential phrases and new words for Chinese exams and frequently-used Chinese characters in Mainland China and Taiwan.
  • Entries are ordered alphabetically by word according to their Pinyin spellings.
  • Accurate English explanations for words with 2 or more meanings.
  • Includes different pronunciations and expressions used in mainland China and Taiwan.
  • Provides an Hanyu Pinyin transcription of each Chinese character to make learning easy. 
  • Practical appendices to help users understand Chinese culture.


Published in 2010, paperback, 734 pages, 16x9cm.

ISBN  9789576129100

Publisher - The Far East Book Co. Ltd


Dictionaries suitable for everyday reference that are ideal for school use, specially selected by us.
  • Publisher  The Far East Book Co. Ltd
  • ISBN  9789576129100