Lime in building - a practical guide (book) - Jane Schofield

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Lime in building - a practical guide (book).

If you want to use lime to repair or redecorate an old or natural building but are unsure where to start or what to do, then this booklet is for you.

Basic, simple recipes with easy "rule of thumb" measurements.

Advice on preparation and technique.

Materials, equipment and where to get lime.

A guide to further reading.

Bought by homeowners, builders and professionals.

Over 26,000 copies sold.

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Published in 2019 (revised 3rd edition), A5 stapled booklet, 33 pages, some B&W line drawings, 21x14.5cm.

ISBN 9780952434122

Author - Jane Schofield

Publisher - Black Dog Press

  • Publisher  Black Dog Press
  • ISBN  9780952434122