Oxford Beginner's Japanese Dictionary: English-Japanese & Japanese-English 9780199298525

Oxford Beginner's Japanese Dictionary: English-Japanese & Japanese-English

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  • An innovative companion to learning Japanese
  • Carefully selected vocabulary, suited to beginner level
  • Section on core vocabulary - all the words you absolutely must know at this level, for everyday life and to help you through your exams
  • 30-page Learning and Lifestyle Kit including grammar help, verb tables, information on life and culture, a phrase-finder for use when travelling, and tips on etiquette and interaction in the foreign country
  • Easy to use, non-traditional dictionary layout with headwords in colour, takes you straight to the word you need
  • Notes on grammar and usage throughout the text, and thousands of phrases to show how language works in context

Published in 2006, paperback, 480 pages, 20x13cm.

ISBN 9780199298525

Publisher - Oxford University Press

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  • Publisher  Oxford University Press
  • ISBN  9780199298525