Oxford Japanese Mini Dictionary: English-Japanese & Japanese-English 9780199692705

Oxford Japanese Mini Pocket Dictionary: English-Japanese & Japanese-English

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Oxford Japanese Mini Pocket Dictionary: English-Japanese & Japanese-English.

Up-to-date coverage of over 15,000 words and phrases and 20,000 translations.


Now in new bendyback binding - a hard-wearing cover that protects the book from daily wear and tear.

Quick and easy to use Japanese-English and English-Japanese dictionary without any Romanization - Japanese script used throughout.

Includes 32 page phrase-finder, ideal for travel.


    Published in 2012, 2nd edition, paperback, 656 pages, 11x8cm.

    ISBN 9780199692705

    Publisher - Oxford University Press

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    • Publisher  Oxford University Press
    • ISBN  9780199692705