Photographing Iceland - photo guide to 100 locations

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Photographing Iceland - photo guide to 100 locations.

A substantial and comprehensive book - 100 interesting places are discussed, directions are given and various photography tips are given, in addition to which QR codes refer to maps and other information. 

The book is also adorned with unique photographs, as the authors are among our foremost and most experienced landscape photographers.

Photographing Iceland is the perfect travel companion for anyone visiting Iceland with a camera. 

The result of a vast undertaking, this book provides comprehensive coverage of 100 locations - all the classic ones and a surprising number of lesser-known gems. 

The authors are locals and photographers who share their experience from years of photographing Iceland. Published in Iceland.


Published in 2019, paperback, 352 pages, 21x14.5cm

ISBN 9789935119483

Authors - Einar Guðmann and Gyða Henningsdóttir

Publisher - JPV Utgafa, Iceland

  • Publisher  JPV Utgafa
  • ISBN  9789935119483