Polish in 4 Weeks course. Book & audio download

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Polish in 4 Weeks course. Book audio download.

A basic course in Polish designed for beginners, which can also be used for revising basic grammar and vocabulary.

Free MP3 audio download.

Book includes:

  • the natural contemporary language of the dialogues,
  • typical situations from everyday life,
  • an interesting story,
  • an easily accessible course in grammar.
  • Polish-English Vocabulary
  • short cultural notes which introduce the foreigner to certain aspects of Polish traditions and customs.

It is possible for the learner to master the basics of Polish in four weeks, by working their way through all the material contained in the 28 lessons.

Each lesson consists of:

  • dialogues with English translations,
  • new vocabulary,
  • grammatical commentary,
  • conversation language in its context,
  • exercises.


Published in 2022, paperback, 455 pages, 18x13cm.

ISBN 9788379935833 (replaces older edition with ISBN 9788379931774)

Author - Marzena Kowalska

Publisher - REA-SJ

  • Publisher  REA-SJ
  • ISBN  9788379935833