Teach Yourself Romanian! Course Book and free audio CD

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  • A modern, friendly and practical course for learning Romanian
  • Book and audio CD.
  • Thirteen thematically based units dealing with up-to-date topics, with reading, speaking, writing and listening activities.
  • This book includes a variety of authentic reading texts.
  • Oral exercises.
  • Follow up notes on vocabulary and phrases.
  • Task based activities to develop listening and reading skills.
  • Written exercises, including composition.
  • Full answer key, including model answers where appropriate.
  • English-Romanian & Romanian-English Vocabularies. 
  • Colour printing throughout the book.

Published in 2016, paperback, 240 pages, 24.5x17cm.

ISBN 9789732013748

Author - Eugenia Tanasescu

Publisher - Teora

  • Publisher  Teora
  • ISBN  9789732013748