Usborne First Thousand Words in Arabic

Usborne First Thousand Words in Arabic

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  • A bilingual English/Arabic word book illustrated with busy scenes and labelled pictures to help children learn key Arabic vocabulary.
  • Includes an explanation of the Arabic alphabet and English/Arabic word list.
  • Words are written in Arabic script, with a pronunciation guide in Roman letters.
  • Readers can hear how to pronounce all the Arabic words by listening to a native speaker on the Usborne Quicklinks website.
  • Age 5+
  • Key Stage KS1/2 MFL

Published in 2014, paperback, 64 pages, 30.5x30 cm.

ISBN 9781409570394

Author - Heather Amery

Publisher - Usborne 

The quick and intuitive way for anyone to learn thousands of words, picture dictionaries are perfect for children and young adults learning English or another language. Lovely illustrations and a wide range of languages available.
  • Publisher  Usborne
  • ISBN  9781409570394