Everyday Dictionaries

Dictionaries suitable for everyday use that are ideal for school use. These are are two-way dictionaries, specially selected by us. Minimum 20% discount, free UK postage and supplied to schools on a 30 day invoice. We keep huge stocks in our Kent warehouse and supply immediately. Please note - our catalogue actually contains language material for over 600 languages - we've been doing this for 27 years - so please ask about any languages, dictionaries, courses, etc that are not in this simplified/reduced online catalogue.

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English-Romanian & Romanian-English School Dictionary
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Finnish-English & English-Finnish Dictionary
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Children's English-Turkish School Dictionary
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English-Bulgarian & Bulgarian-English Learner's Dictionary
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English-Latvian & Latvian-English Dictionary
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English-Pashto-Dari School & Student Dictionary
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Pocket English-Croatian & Croatian-English Dictionary
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Star English-Urdu & Urdu-English Dictionary
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