Guide to the Flowering Plants and Ferns of Iceland

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Guide to the Flowering Plants and Ferns of Iceland - book.

Flowering plants and ferns of Iceland, one of the most popular guides to Icelandic flora, has now been extensively revised and improved. 

Inside you'll find 465 different species of plants, some of which are new to Iceland or have been naturalized in recent decades. 

The unique features of each plant are briefly described, as well as information about its habitat, distribution, flowering time and size. 

Each species is illustrated by a color photograph, a drawing and a distribution map based on the most recent available data. 

The book is organized by flower color and other easily identifiable features, all of which is explained in the illustrated key that precedes the plant descriptions. This is designed to make it easy for the layman to distinguish and identify plants and come to know the diverse and beautiful flora of Iceland.

The author, Hörður Kristinsson, is a Dr. in botany and has been studying and photographing the flora of Iceland for almost fifty years. He was a professor of botany at the University of Iceland from 1977–1987 and later director of the Icelandic Institute of Natural History in Akureyri. In 1999 he became a research scientist at the same institution, until his retirement in 2007.


Published in 2017, paperback, 368 pages, 21x14.5cm.

ISBN 9789979331582

Author - Birgit Abrecht

Publisher - Mal og Menning, Iceland

  • Publisher  Mal og Menning
  • ISBN  9789979331582