Icelandic Bird Guide: appearance, way of life, habitat

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Icelandic Bird Guide: appearance, way of life, habitat.

This new edition of the popular Icelandic Bird Guide has been completely revised and expanded. 

It covers all Icelandic breeding birds and regular visitors in detail and also describes numerous annual vagrants - more than 160 species in total.

This book is an ideal identification guide when traveling around Iceland for experienced birdwatchers and beginners alike. 

The clear and concise text describes the birds' appearance and behavior, as well as their diet and habitat. 

Maps and diagrams clearly show distribution, movements and population sizes.

Includes -

- More than 700 stunning photos.

- Breeding range and winter distribution maps.

- Diagrams showing information on breeding and migration.

- Photographs of eggs shown in actual size.

An indispensible aid to birdwatching in Iceland.

The author, Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson, is a leading authority on the birds of Iceland and one of the country's most experienced bird photographers.


Published in 2019 as reprint of 2nd edition 2011, 341 pages, paperback, 21x14.5cm.

ISBN 9789979332206

Author - Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson

Publisher - Mal og Menning, Iceland

  • Publisher  Mal og Menning
  • ISBN  9789979332206