Central Highlands Iceland Map 1:300 000

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Central Highlands Iceland Map 1:300 000

This map of the Icelandic highlands, scale 1: 300 000, is an indispensable travel companion for your trip into the untouched Icelandic Highland wilderness. 

This map includes all major routes, GPS coordinates of all crossroads in the highlands, where to ford rivers and locations of cabins. 

On the reverse side there are descriptions and photographs of the area's main attractions.

All texts are in four languages (Icelandic, English, German and French).


Published in 2019, 9th edition, new revised edition, paper folded map, 100x70cm when unfolded, 23x12.5cm when folded.

ISBN 9789979323983

Author - Hans H. Hansen

Publisher - Mal og Menning, Iceland

  • Publisher  Mal og Menning
  • ISBN  9789979323983