Discover Icelandic Architecture - book

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Discover Icelandic Architecture - book.

Presents 170 buildings of various kinds and from all parts of Iceland, from the turf farms that housed the nation for centuries to the magnificent wooden houses from the beginning of the last century and the innovative buildings that testify to modern architecture. 

All the buildings have one thing in common, though in their own way, that they are important in the history of Icelandic architecture.

In this detailed architectural guide one gets a cross-section of Iceland's most interesting buildings; from the traditional turf farmhouses, in which Icelanders lived for centuries, to the elegant wooden homes of the early 20th century and the highly innovative architecture of today.

Published in 2018, paperback, 365 pages, 21x14.5cm.

ISBN 9789979339489

Author -  Birgit Abrecht

Publisher - Mal og Menning, Iceland

  • Publisher  Mal og Menning
  • ISBN  9789979339489