Essential Urdu School Dictionary: English-Urdu & Urdu-English

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Essential Urdu School Bilingual Dictionary: English-Urdu & Urdu-English.


  • 24,000 concise definitions of essential vocabulary.
  • Written for schools and students.
  • Vocabulary to communicate in everyday life.
  • Key words to understand the news, poetry, films and songs.
  • Picture based vocabulary charts covering lexical sets. Topics include food, the human body, the time, colours and numbers 1-100.
  • Transliteration based on Urdu pronunciation.
  • Insights into Urdu culture.
  • Tips to avoid common mistakes as an English speaker.
  • Optimised Urdu font size for easy reading.
  • This book also covers the evolution, development and cultural transformation of Urdu and can be used by Urdu speakers learning English.


Published in 2015, paperback, 224 pages, 20x13cm.

ISBN 9781444795523

Author - Timsal Masud

Publisher - Teach Yourself

Dictionaries suitable for everyday reference that are ideal for school use, specially selected by us.
  • Publisher  Teach Yourself
  • ISBN  9781444795523