School English-Portuguese & Portuguese-English Dictionary

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School bilingual English-Portuguese & Portuguese-English Dictionary.

Designed for school use by Portuguese children and students learning and using English.

Approx. 54,000 entries.


Designed with students in the 2nd cycle of Basic Education, gathering a selection of vocabulary appropriate to their level of learning.

When an entry has no direct equivalent, an explanation of the meaning is provided. Whenever necessary, the definition is clarified by indicating synonyms or the context in which the term is used. Information about the language level (formal, childish, colloquial), registration (ironic, literary, playful) and geographic variants (British English and American English) make it possible to identify the most appropriate words for each situation.

The dictionary is also enriched with explanatory notes that help students avoid some of the most common mistakes.

An attachment with numerals and the conjugation of the most commonly used English irregular verbs is a valuable aid for the memorisation of these fundamental matters.


Published in 2022, 2nd edition, paperback, 752 pages, 14x10.5cm.

ISBN 9789720054227

Publisher - Porto Editora

Dictionaries suitable for everyday reference that are ideal for school use, specially selected by us.
  • Publisher  Porto Editora
  • ISBN  9789720054227