Luganda-English & English-Luganda Dictionary (with notes on Luganda grammar)

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Luganda-English & English-Luganda Dictionary (with notes on Luganda grammar).

Modern, large, comprehensive and approved Luganda dictionary. 

New revised edition, where formatting of headwords used for Luganda nouns and adjectives has been modified to make them easier to locate.

Revised and approved by NCDC (National Curriculum Development Centre, Uganda).


“It is with exceptional enthusiasm that I welcome [this] undoubtedly important book …”His Royal Highness Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II - The Kabaka of Buganda
“Professor Hamilton has bridged a very big gap in the acquisition of both Luganda and English in Uganda, and of Luganda in the rest of the world ….. a full reference book providing up-to-date information. It is simple to use at all levels of learning.”
Oweek. Nankindu Prosperous Ph.D., Minister for Social Services, Kingdom of Buganda


Published in 2020, paperback, 472 pages, 25x18cm.

ISBN 9780954149628

Author - Alan Hamilton

Publisher - Alan Hamilton

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  • Publisher  Alan Hamilton
  • ISBN  9780954149628