Large English-Czech & Czech-English Bilingual Dictionary

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Large English-Czech & Czech-English Bilingual Dictionary.

For schools and students. 

Comprehensive size, two-way, designed for both Czech and English speakers. 

Approx. 90,000 words and phrases and 150,000 equivalents.

Modern, practical and academic two-way dictionary from LEDA and Josef Fronek.

Emphasis on contemporary Czech language, with expressions such as chav, detox, NGO, pandemic, swine flu; akvapark, detox, kapsáče, empétrojka, prasečí chřipka and šrotovné.

Designed to promote an active knowledge of both Czech and English.

Clear and precise description of the Czech entries.

Gives phonetic pronunciation of the English headwords.

Designed for both the Czech and English user.


Published in 2013, paperback, 1044 pages, 20x13cm.

ISBN 9788073353322

Author - Josef Fronek

Publisher - LEDA, Czech Republic

Dictionaries suitable for everyday reference that are ideal for school use, specially selected by us.
  • Publisher  LEDA
  • ISBN  9788073353322