Português XXI - 1 - Livro do Aluno + audio download (A1). Nova Edição

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Português XXI - 1 - Livro do Aluno + audio download (A1). Nova Edição.

Level A1.

Português XXI is a modern language course for teenagers and adults of all ages and backgrounds who want to learn Portuguese as a second language actively participating in a dynamic environment.

This method was especially conceived to motivate the student toward active communication. Structured into three levels - Beginning, Elementary and Intermediate - this course allows the student to check his or her own progress in the different communicative and linguistic skills.

Português XXI - 1 - beginning level - provides around 120 hours of language learning, including class work and homework.

The audio files are meant to aid class activities, in order to help the students with their listening comprehension skills as well as with pronunciation.

What`s new in the NEW EDITION :
- Modern, more attractive design.
- New, up-to-date photographs and illustrations.
- Audio files with new recordings available for download.
- Revised glossary.

Published in 2023, paperback, 240 pages, 21x30cm.

ISBN 9789897523809

Publisher - Lidel

Author - Ana Tavares

  • Publisher  LIDEL
  • ISBN  9789897523809