Gramatica Ativa 1 - Portuguese course - with audio download - A1/A2/B1

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Gramatica Ativa 1 - Portuguese course - with audio download.

Level A1/A2/B1.

This edition of Gramática Ativa, according to the new Acordo Ortográfico, in an extended format, has a modern, attractive design with bold use of colour and new illustrations to aid understanding.

In terms of content, it has:

· New units, to introduce new structural/lexical areas.
· Totally restructured units, to provide a better explanation of the presented structure/area.
· Fold-out units extending and exploring in depth the presented structure/area.
· Updated socio-cultural contexts.
· New exercises.

Published in 2023, paperback, 140 pages, 19.5x27cm

ISBN 9789727576388

Publisher - Lidel

Authors - Isabel Coimbra & Olga Mata Coimbra

  • Publisher  Lidel
  • ISBN  9789727576388