Czech Step by Step 1: Workbook 2 - lessons 13-24

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Czech Step by Step 1: Workbook 2 - lessons 13-24.

Level A1-A2.

Its many different activities and tasks will help students practice the language skills, vocabulary and grammar introduced in the textbook.

Workbook has a similar structure as Volume 1. It offers communicative activities in addition to vocabulary and grammar exercises.

For easy orientation, by each exercise there is a reference to the textbook passage on which that particular exercise is based.

Workbook also includes more challenging exercises suitable for fast finishers or more advanced students, such as students from Slavic countries. These exercises are labelled plus (+).

Workbook Volume 2 contains more texts designed to improve reading skills.

At the end of each lesson there are also exercises for spelling practice, which are based on the lesson’s specific vocabulary.

Summary review exercises, where students can revise grammar and vocabulary from previous lessons, are also an important part of each lesson.

All the tasks, comments and explanations are only in Czech, thus the Workbook is universal for all the textbook’s language versions.

Original illustrations and photographs accompany the texts.

Workbook can be used not only as a supplement in Czech class, but also for independent individual work at home or self-study.

An answer key to the exercises can be found at the end of the publication.

Czech title - "Cesky Krok za Krokem"


Published in 2021, paperback, 160 pages, 29x23cm.

ISBN 9788074701344

Author - Lida Hola

Publisher - Akropolis

  • Publisher  Akropolis
  • ISBN  9788074701344