Cestina Expres / Czech Express 1 (Textbook, English Appendix and CD)

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Cestina Expres / Czech Express 1 (Textbook, English Appendix and CD)

Pack (Textbook, English Appendix & free audio CD).

Level A1 / 1.

Czech Express 1 Czech course covers the first half of Level A1 (A1/1) and is the first part of an elementary course of “survival Czech”.

It fulfils the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and is designed for beginners who want to reach the A1 level quickly.

It's seven practically oriented lessons help students of Czech understand and react in basic communicative situations (topics include: Getting to Know Each Other, Directions, My Family, When Will We Meet, and more).

The coursebook concentrates on mastering communication skills, primarily speaking and listening.

Czech grammar is simplified as much as possible and students discover it themselves through texts and overview tables.

Czech Express 1 consists of two parts: a monolingual coursebook written in Czech, including a workbook, and an additional Supplement containing vocabulary, grammar tables, and explanations in the student’s mother tongue.

The coursebook’s texts are accompanied by a plethora of colour photographs and original illustrations, including popular comics.

Free teacher's manual is available for download.


Published in 2017, paperback, 100+68 pages, 29x23cm.

ISBN 9788087481226

Authors - Lida Hola & Pavla Borilova

Publisher - Akropolis

  • Publisher  Akropolis
  • ISBN  9788087481226