401 Czech Verbs

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401 Czech Verbs, fully conjugated in all the tenses, with required prepositions and cases.

2100 verbs paired as perfective and imperfective.


  • Gives straightforward rules for conjugation of all tenses, with the seven tenses clearly explained.
  • There is also another short chapter which explains simply and clearly how and why each of the cases is used, which case to use, and how many of the verbs and prepositions are used with each case.
  • Includes a chapter which explains concisely and logically in English how perfective, imperfective, reflexive and modal verbs are used and how to conjugate them. 
  • Explains how the verbs affect word order in a sentence, verb use in compound sentences and much more.


Published in 2012, 4th edition, paperback, 319 pages, 23x16cm.

ISBN 9788023972603

Author - Bruce Davies & Jana Hejdukova

Publisher - Bruce Davies

  • Publisher  Bruce Davies
  • ISBN  9788023972603