Ellinika C - Greek Course (book with audio download)

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Ellinika C - Greek Course (book with audio download).

Practical, modern and comprehensive Greek course.

Level B2.

Latest edition.

Third book of the series, Ellinika C corresponds to B2 level of the Greek Language Center (KEG).

The Greek series is aimed at those who are learning the Greek language as a foreign language and/or are preparing for the Greek language exams of the Greek Language Center (KEG), the General Secretariat for Vocational Education, Training, Lifelong Learning and Youth, the university Teaching Schools, or others institutions that undertake or may undertake the conduct of similar examinations.


- 15 illustrated teaching units
- 3 repeat units that act as mock tests for the B2 level Greek exams
- 64 online audio files with dialogues and listening exercises
- 59 dialogues and texts
- 24 comprehension exercises
- 26 functional comprehension exercises
- 15 phonological awareness exercises
- 32 focused speaking activities
- 22 role plays
- 25 writing activities
- 24 self-assessment exercises
- Dozens of grammar, syntax, spelling, vocabulary and phrasal exercises
- Abundant extracts of authentic material (maps, signs, advertisements, accounts, cards, catalogues, literary texts, etc.)
- Appendix with the texts of listening comprehension activities and the solutions to the exercises.

The link for the audio download is on page 4 of the book.


Published in 2022, paperback, 380 pages, 28x21cm.

ISBN 9789601628172

Authors - Panteloglou Lelia, George Simopoulos, Abati Anastasia and Irini Pathiaki

Publisher - Patakis Ekdosis, Greece

  • Publisher  Patakis
  • ISBN  9789601628172