Kanji From Zero! - 9780996786317

Kanji From Zero! Your Complete Guide to Learning the First 240 Kyouiku Kanji!

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Kanji From Zero! is an innovative and integrated approach to learning Kanji that has been written by professional Japanese interpreter George Trombley, Yukari Takenaka, Kanako Hatakana and Justin McGowan. This book provides techniques to learn Japanese used by students all over the world.

This series is perfect for Japanese culture lovers, Japanese language learners, Japanese anime and drama watchers, Japanese beginners, JPOP music fans, those with an interest in Japanese heritage and history, and anyone planing to travel to Japan.

Kanji From Zero! is a Japanese Kanji book series built on the idea that learning kanji shouldn't be mechanical and shouldn't only be about learning the readings of each Kanji. The relationship to Japanese culture and the way kanji is integrated into Japanese life is key is establishing a strong foothold in integrating kanji into your Japanese fluency.

The key features of this book include:

  • An integrated Workbook and Answer Key
  • Over 1500 Kanji Words
  • Progressive and thorough practice exercises.
  • Learning 240 Kanji
  • Learning Stroke Order
  • Leaning ON and KUN Readings
  • Kanji Usage Explanations

Published in 2016, paperback, 427 pages, 24.5x19cm.

ISBN 9780996786317

Publisher - From Zero

Authors - George Trombley, Yukari Takenaka, Kanako Hatanaka & Justin McGowan

  • Publisher  From Zero
  • ISBN  9780996786317