Nuovo Espresso - Grammatica A1-B1 - 9788861823778 - front cover

Nuovo Espresso - Grammatica A1-B1

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Nuovo Espresso - Grammatica A1-B1.

A1 - B1 Levels. 

This grammar is intended as an easy reference tool for all those who want to have a clear and concise picture of the main rules of the Italian language.

Conceived as the ideal completion of the NUOVO Espresso course (it includes all the themes and all the structures presented in NUOVO Espresso 1 , NUOVO Espresso 2 and NUOVO Espresso 3 ), it can also be used independently of the manual.

It is characterized by:

  • Clear and exhaustive rules of use
  • Diagrams and tables
  • Many examples
  • Illustrations
  • Attention to both oral and written language
  • Thematic division
  • Ease of consultation
  • Scientific completeness

Published in 2023, paperback, 96 pages.

ISBN 9788861823778

Authors - AA. VV.

Publisher - ALMA Edizioni

  • Publisher  ALMA Edizioni
  • ISBN  9788861823778