Polski Krok po Kroku 1 - Student Textbook with audio download

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Polski Krok po Kroku 1 - Student Textbook with audio download.

Modern level A1/A2 Polish course from Glossa.

Book with audio download.

2020 latest 4th edition.


Immerses students in the Polish language and mobilises them to speak from the very beginning.

Advantages are clear grammar tables, intuitive explanations of grammar problems in dialogues, a wealth of vocabulary as well as good quality natural audio recordings.

Includes free 204 minute MP3 audio download.

Suitable for both self-study and for working with a teacher.

Published in 2020, 4th edition, paperback, 180 pages, 29.5x21cm.

ISBN 9788393073108

Authors - Iwona Stempek, Anna Stelmach, Sylwia Dawidek and Aneta Szymkiewicz

Publisher - Glossa Polish Language School, Poland

  • Publisher  Glossa Polish Language School
  • ISBN  9788393073108