Ruslan Russian Grammar - book with free audio download

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Ruslan Russian Grammar - For Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Learners.

Book with free Audio download.

John Langran.

A Russian grammar course from beginner to advanced level, bringing together the grammar points from the three levels of the Ruslan Russian course.

This "Russian Ruslan Grammar Course" gives the main grammatical points that serious learners will meet in their study of the language with straightforward explanations, lots of examples from contemporary usage, relevant extracts from poems and songs, illustrations and exercises to cover the main points.


Free audio download from publisher website. 
289 language exercises.
Written exercises.
Exercises with photos, songs and poems.
Speaking activities for the classroom.
Suggestions for independent research.
Grammar tables.
Pronunciation guide.

    An answer key to the exercises is also free of charge on the Ruslan website.

    Exercises for practice and consolidation have been placed immediately after explanations. There are also exercises for conversation practice in the classroom and exercises for research.

    The free audio download has recordings of the answers to about 80 of the exercises, many of which can be used as drills, and includes all the extracts from songs and poems and a recording of the pronunciation guide.

    Learners will need a dictionary when using this book.

    Please note this book does NOT come with an audio CD - you may either download the audio for free from the publisher website or separately purchase the audio CD on its own. 

    Published in 2014, paperback, 255 pages, 29.5x21cm.

    ISBN 9781899785742

    Author - John Langran

    Publisher - Ruslan Limited

    • Publisher  Ruslan Russian
    • ISBN  9781899785742