Ruslan Russian 1: Student Workbook with free MP3 audio download

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Ruslan Russian 1: Student Workbook with free MP3 audio download 

Written by John Langran.

This workbook contains 203 additional exercises for learners to support the Ruslan 1 Russian course.

Includes -

  • Free MP3 audio download
  • Word search and gap-fill exercises
  • Exercises linked to pictures
  • Reading and listening exercises
  • Integrated workbook
  • A popular Russian song from the 1940s
  • Answer key

The exercises may be used by individuals working alone, or by groups with a teacher. Teachers can use the exercises orally in class, as well as for tests or for homework.

The majority of the questions in this book have a single possible answer and these are given in the key at the back of the book.

Teachers and schools who wish to make photocopies of pages can obtain a license for this from Ruslan Limited. 

Published in 2017, 2nd edition, paperback, 112 pages, 30x22cm.

ISBN 9781912397013

Publisher - Ruslan Limited

  • Publisher  Ruslan Russian
  • ISBN  9781912397013