Ellinika sto Pi + Fi - Greek language course A1 - A2

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Ellinika sto Pi + Fi - Greek language course.

Level A1 A2.

"Modern Greek in no time"

Please note that text is in Greek (no English text).

Textbook for teaching modern Greek for beginner learners who wish to acquire the first level of the language A1 and A2.

Includes downloadable audio.

This is the latest edition (2021) with the audio download that has replaced the old edition (which had ISBN 9789600116236 and an audio CD - which this new edition does not have).

- 11 chapters with texts and dialogues, morphology and syntax, which are accompanied by a variety of exercises, activities, and role playing games.
- Additional exercises for further practice at home and/or in the classroom
- Audio files - downloadable - with the texts, dialogues, and listening comprehension exercises
- Referential grammar tables
- Glossary in Greek-English-Russian
- Answer key

Please note that text is in Greek (no English text).

Latest edition.

Published in 2021, paperback, 320 pages, 28x20.5cm.

ISBN 9789600122855

Publisher - Guttenberg / Dardanosnet, Greece

  • Publisher  Guttenberg
  • ISBN  9789600122855