Korean From Zero! Book 2 - 9780989654531

Korean From Zero! 2

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Korean From Zero! 2 teaches students an even greater level of understanding and mastery of the Korean language.


  • Integrated Workbook with Answer Key
  • Easy to Understand, Extensive Grammar
  • 100% Hangul Text
  • Designed for the Self-Studier
  • Downloadable MP3 Audio Available from KoreanFromZero.com
  • Detailed Specialist Information
  • Important Korean Phrases
  • Bilingual Glossaries 

    The Korean From Zero! series is a fun, innovative, and integrated course for truly learning the Korean language written by George Trombley, Korean linguist Reed Bullen, and native Korean speakers Jiyoon Kim and Myunghee Ham.

    Korean From Zero! 2 is perfect for Korean culture lovers, Korean language learners, Korean drama watchers, Korean beginners, KPOP music fans, people interested in Korean heritage and the history, and anyone planning to travel to Korea.

    Each book is crafted page by page and lesson by lesson to have relevant Korean conversation and sentence structure patterns that enhance the Korean learner's ability to speak Korean faster and understand the small nuances of everyday Korean speech.

    Published in 2015, paperback, 314 pages, 24.5x18.5cm.

    ISBN 9780989654531

    Publisher - From Zero

    Authors - George Trombley, Reed Bullen, Jiyoon Kim & Myunghee Ham


    "I have already learned so much. I am excited for book 2 and 3!"  Lauren C. - Facebook

    "I have tried other language book and software and nothing has had the affect on me that Korean From Zero has." Josh F. - Email

    ”I just finished reading Vol.1 of this series and it was awesome! Basically under two months, I was able to get a deep understanding of the language." Andrei C. - Email

    • Publisher  From Zero
    • ISBN  9780989654531