Hiragana From Zero! The Complete Hiragana Book

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Hiragana from Zero! 

A fun, innovative, and integrated approach to learning hiragana created by professional Japanese interpreter George Trombley and Yukari Takenaka, developed for over 10 years in live classes by YesJapan's team of native Japanese professors.

Hirgana From Zero! is perfect for Japanese culture lovers, Japanese language learners, Japanese anime and drama watchers, Japanese beginners, JPOP music fans, those with an interest in Japanese heritage and history, and anyone planing to travel to Japan.

Using up-to-date teaching techniques and concepts, Hiragana From Zero! is the perfect book for current students of Japanese as well as absolute beginners and is used by thousands of students worldwide.

Key Features include:

Integrated Workbook with Answer Key.

Learning to Read and Write Hiragana.

Establishing proper stroke order.

Learning Techniques to Avoid Common Mistakes.

Vocabulary used in Everyday Lessons.

Helpful Cut-Out Flashcards.


Published in 2014, 2nd edition, paperback, 104 pages, 24.5x19cm.

ISBN 9780976998174

Publisher - From Zero

Authors - George Trombley & Yukari Takenaka

  • Publisher  From Zero
  • ISBN  9780976998174