Ellinika A - Greek Course (book with 2 CDs)

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Ellinika A - Greek Course (book with 2 CDs).

Practical, modern and comprehensive Greek course book with 2 audio CDs.

Level A1 & A2.


    Ελληνικά Α΄ is the first of a series of four books designed to prepare students for the Greek Language Examinations organised by the Greek Language Center (KEG) and the Institute for Continuing Adult Education (IDEE). 

    Please note this book is all in Greek - there is no English in the book.

    Each teaching module focuses on specific grammatical lessons and specific thematic vocabulary.

    Includes exercises like those given in the KEG exams. 

    Suitable for classes, but can also be used for self-study. 

    Emphasis is placed on the development of understanding skills along with oral and written speech. 

    Richly illustrated and particularly friendly to students. 



    - 20 illustrated teaching modules 

    - 2 CDs with 93 dialogues and acoustic exercises 

    - 70 dialogues and 45 texts

    - 45 oral comprehension exercises, 25 exercises for functional understanding of texts, 21 phonological awareness exercises 

    - 125 activities of focused speech production, 32 role plays, 50 writing and writing activities and dozens of structural exercises, spelling exercises and the use of jargon

    - abundant extracts of authentic material with maps, signs, advertisements, bills, cards, catalogues, receipts, etc.

    - 3 full preparation tests for the Greek language exams of the first level 

    - Annex including listening understanding and exercises.

    Latest updated edition.

    Published in 2022, paperback, 312 pages, 28x21cm.

    Please note that this book is all in Greek - there is no English in the book.

    ISBN 9789601628158

    Authors - Pavlopoulou Aglaia, Simopoulos Giorgos, Kanellopoulou Rita & Patthaki Irini 

    Publisher - Patakis Ekdosis, Greece

    • Publisher  Patakis
    • ISBN  9789601628158