ELE Actual  A1 - Exercise Book - Cuaderno de ejercicios + audio CD - 9788467547382 - front cover

ELE Actual A1 - Cuaderno de ejercicios + audio CD - Exercise Book

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ELE Actual A1 - Exercise Book - Cuaderno de ejercicios + audio CD.

The Exercise Book consists of fifteen lessons corresponding to those in the Student's Book, with a wide range of exercises designed to reinforce and extend the language presented in the Student's Book.

They are written exercises of controlled, semi-controlled and free practice, which have been designed to work individually and can be done in the classroom or outside of it, according to the teacher's criteria.

Also included are other controlled oral practice exercises, accompanied by the corresponding recordings, and self-assessment activities.

To facilitate the teacher's work and the student's personal work, the solutions to the exercises appear at the end of the book.

Latest edition, paperback, 64 pages, 29x21cm.

ISBN 9788467547382

Publisher - Ediciones SM

Authors - Virgilio Borobio Carrera & Ramón Palencia del Burgo

  • Publisher  Ediciones SM
  • ISBN  9788467547382