Basic Grammar of Modern Greek for English Speaking Students - 9789601211053 - front cover

Basic Grammar of Modern Greek

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Basic Grammar of Modern Greek.

Modern guide for learning Greek grammar - for English speaking students.

The book is divided into various sections corresponding to the basic features of the language.

It is written from the point of view of an English speaker and the explanations in each section also reveal how in Greek one expresses meanings which in English are conveyed through different grammatical forms.

Essential grammatical terms are given, together with an explanation of their meaning and their use in spoken Greek.

An appendix at the end of the book comprises details of such matters as punctuations, prefixes, variations in sounds and accents, etc.

Published in 2013, 2nd edition, paperback, 151 pages, 28x21cm.

ISBN 9789601211053

Author - M. Tsuiotsiou-Moore

Publisher - University Studio Press, Greece

  • Publisher  University Studio Press
  • ISBN  9789601211053