Practical Hungarian Grammar

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  • Aimed at students and teachers of the Hungarian language.
  • 110 chapters offer a systematic overview of Hungarian grammar, focusing on the most important linguistic aspects and those difficulties most commonly encountered by students.
  • Each grammar overview is clearly structured and is immediately followed by exercises derived from commonly encountered, practical situations, a combination that helps the students both deepen their understanding of a particular grammatical points and enlarge their topic-related vocabulary.
  • Longer units are followed by revision sections.
  • The book focuses on the grammar and vocabulary required for the lower intermediate level (B1) language examinations of the Common European Framework for Languages.
  • All the important aspects of Hungarian grammar are presented, it can service as an effective resource from beginner to advanced levels.
  • Suitable for self-study or classroom use.
  • Includes answer key.

Published in 2016, paperback, 367 pages, 28x20cm.

2nd edition

ISBN 9789630589338

Author - Szita Szilvia & Gorbe Tamas

Publisher - Akademiai Kiado 

  • Publisher  Akademiai Kiado
  • ISBN  9789630589338