Ruslan Russian 1: Course book with free audio download

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Ruslan Russian 1: Course book with free audio download.

Written by John Langran and Natalya Veshnyeva.

Book with free audio download.

Here you will find an introduction to the Cyrillic alphabet followed by 10 lessons. The lessons are based on a series of compelling dialogues set in Moscow, and with an exciting story-line, telling the story of Lyudmila and her three admirers, and with the "typical foreigner" struggling to understand life in Russia today.

The lessons are traditionally laid out, with cartoons to introduce the language topics, dialogues, vocabularies, grammar explanations, background information, and lots of exercises for listening, speaking, reading and writing.

This book includes:

  • Free audio download
  • An introduction to the alphabet
  • Ten individual lessons (in colour)
  • Lively dialogues with a compelling story-line
  • Clear grammatical explanations and vocabularies
  • Lots of practice exercises in the form of language games 
  • Cartoon presentation throughout.
  • Dialogues for listening with authentic reading materials
  • Songs and poems for learners
  • An English-Russian and Russian-English dictionary
  • An optional Student Workbook
  • Interactive eBook version 
  • Free online audio drills with internet support and answer keys

There is not too much grammar to put learners off, but enough to give beginners a solid basis for further study. 

This course is widely used in the UK by schools, universities, adult education colleges and private language schools, as well as for 1:1 tuition. It is also useful for self tuition when used together with the Ruslan 1 Workbook.

Latest updated edition.

Published in 2021, 5th edition, paperback, 175 pages, 25x17.5cm.

ISBN 9781899785827

Publisher - Ruslan Limited

  • Publisher  Ruslan Russian
  • ISBN  9781899785827