Ellinika B - Greek Course (book with 3 CDs)

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Ellinika B - Greek Course (book with 3 CDs).

Practical, modern and comprehensive Greek course.



Second book of the series, Ellinika B corresponds to B1 level of the Greek Language Center (KEG)

This Greek language course Ελληνικά β is written for those who learn Greek as a foreign language and / or are preparing for the Greek Language Test (KGE), the Institute for Continuing Adult Education (IDEKE), the Teaching Institutions or other institutions that undertake or may undertake such examinations.

Whilst mainly written for classroom instruction, these books can also be used for self-study.

Contains rich illustrations, written and oral exercises of all kinds (phonological, grammatical, editorial, text comprehension, etc) as well as 3 audio CDs with dialogues and listening exercises.

Sections of this book have been tested for several years in adult preparation classes and introduce students to the modern reality of modern Greek language and society.

Please note that this book is all in Greek - there is no English in the book.


    Published in 2021, paperback, 390 pages, 28x21cm.

    ISBN 9789601628165

    Authors - Simopoulos Giorgos, Tourlis Giorgos & Patthaki Irini

    Publisher - Patakis Ekdosis, Greece

    • Publisher  Patakis
    • ISBN  9789601628165