Percorso CILS Cittadinanza B1 - Test di preparazione + online audio

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Percorso CILS Cittadinanza B1 - Test di preparazione + online audio.

B1 Level.

Cils Citizenship Path is aimed at anyone who wants to take the certification exam of Italian as a foreign language level B1 citizenship module.

This preparation and in-depth manual was created as a tool for both classroom teaching and self-study.

It's structure, in fact, allows it to be used with the guidance of a teacher but also independently: the ten units , each corresponding to a thematic area , allow students to familiarize themselves with the topics proposed in the specific citizenship module.

The manual is divided into four sections :

  • The first section includes the presentation of the exam, of the B1 level citizenship module , the description of the test, some useful advice for teachers and students and the syllabus;
  • The second section includes 10 thematic units which reflect the structure of the B1 citizenship module exam;
  • The third section includes three exam notebooks complete with solutions;
  • Finally , the fourth section includes grammatical sheets useful for preparing for the exam.

CILS B1 citizenship module path is part of the series of manuals for preparing for the CILS exam. This manual, like the others in the same series, includes:

  • Useful tips for preparation for both teachers and students;
  • Solutions that make it usable in self-learning;
  • Division of teaching units into thematic areas to allow students to become familiar with the communication themes of the CILS B1 citizenship module exam;
  • Grammar cards to delve deeper into the contents of the CILS B1 citizenship module exam;
  • Online space where you can download audio tracks.

The structure of the CILS Path makes it suitable:

  • Preparatory courses for taking the exam in schools;
  • To self-study.

The material for the listening tests can be downloaded.

Published in 2022, paperback, 175 pages, 27x20cm.

ISBN 9786188492776

Authors - Emanuela Paciotti & Paolo La Gamma

Publisher - Ornimi

  • Publisher  Ornimi
  • ISBN  9786188492776