Klik sta Ellinika B2 - Modern Greek Certification B2 Exams. Book & 2 CDs - Click on Greek B2

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Innovative modern textbook for learning Greek.

Book and 2 audio CDs.

A practical implementation of the principles underlying the new Comprehensive Examination Syllabus for the B2 level.

Contains four comprehensive series of sample exam papers, each of which tests the skills of -
Reading comprehension
Use of language
Listening comprehension

The examples are designed and developed with the aim of familiarising candidates with the structure of the Greek Language Attainment exams on the respective B2 level, as well as of helping them enhance the required skills in order to acquire the Greek Language Attainment Certificate.

Note - book is in Greek language - there is no English language text.


    Published in 2014, paperback, 159 pages, 29.5x21cm.

    ISBN  9789607779618

    Author - Karakyrgiou, M. & Panagiotidou, V.

    Publisher - Greek Language Centre, Greece

    • Publisher  Greek Language Centre
    • ISBN  9789607779618