Via del Corso B2: 2 audio CDs + DVD + online IDEE access code

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Via del Corso B2: 2 audio CDs + DVD + online IDEE access code.

Via del Corso is aimed at adult students with B2 level Italian.

It is an innovative manual divided into four levels, built around a story set in this first volume in Naples, and aimed at developing confident communication skills even from the first few lessons.

The story helps to build curiosity, motivate, involve, excite, and create empathy and serves as a catalyst for the learning process.

It is an original black comedy, told alternately through a sit-com and a graphic novel. The video and tables are fully integrated within the structure of the course and are not merely a simple supplementary resource. Students are personally involved as they themselves get to choose how the story ends.

Published in 2021, paperback, 248 pages, 21x29cm.

ISBN 9788899358877

Publisher - Edilingua

Authors -Telis Marin & Pierangela Diadori

  • Publisher  Edilingua
  • ISBN  9788899358877