Cosmopolite 3 - Pack Cahier + Version numérique -  9782017133698 - front cover

Cosmopolite 3 - Pack Cahier + Version numérique - B1

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Cosmopolite 3 - Pack Cahier + Version numérique.

Level B1.

The Book + Digital Version Pack offer combines your paper manual and a download card for its digital version (24-month license).

→ Innovative activities, written and oral, to facilitate learner empowerment:
A self-assessment activity to take stock before training
Training activities to reuse the concepts covered in the Language Focus
Cultural and linguistic activities in a comparative perspective
2 pages of scripted report for each file

→ Appendices:
A blank DELF test and a portfolio included
A lexicon per file and per lesson
Transcriptions in an insert booklet

Published in 2020, paperback, 127 pages.

ISBN 9782017133698

Authors - Anaïs Mater, Emilie Mathieu-Benoit, Nelly Briet-Peslin 

Publisher - Hachette

  • Publisher  Hachette
  • ISBN  9782017133698