Entre Nous 1 - EDITION HYBRIDE - Livre de l'eleve + Cahier d'activites 1 (A1) + online audio

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Entre Nous 1 - EDITION HYBRIDE - Livre de l'eleve + Cahier d'activites 1 (A1) + online audio.

Level A1.

Hybrid Edition
Includes a 12-month access code to the digital resources of this manual on the Virtual Space platform – ideal for hybrid, distance or face-to-face courses.

The hybrid edition of the All-in-One Book (Student's Book + Activity Book) of Entre nous 1 is a component of the Entre nous collection, a reference method for older adolescents and adults.

A current and realistic collection with turnkey proposals, the fruit of the work of experienced authors and numerous exchanges with FLE teachers from around the world
A progression built around the completion of original final tasks to promote motivation.
A method designed to encourage learner involvement, to get them to react on topics that interest them and to encourage interactions within the class.
A cultural and sociocultural approach to the Francophonie which allows for very rich intercultural reflection.
To ensure a seamless learning experience between printed and digital media in the FLE classroom, each hybrid edition includes:

 - All-in-one Book (Student's Book + Activity Book) in printed version
a 12-month access code to the Virtual Space platform , with:
 - The interactive digital book and notebook
 - Multimedia resources associated with the manual (audios, videos, self-correcting exercises, glossaries, etc.)
 - Other complementary resources, through our digital itineraries.
 - All the features of the platform: videoconferencing tool, homework assignment, progress monitoring, comments and evaluation, instant messaging, etc.

Please note, hybrid editions are intended for learners, they do not allow access to resources and features reserved for teachers.

Published in 2015, paperback, 232 pages, 30x21cm.

ISBN 9788419236593 (this edition replaces previous edition 9788484439189)

Author - N. Pruvost

Publisher - Editions Maison des Langues

  • Publisher  Editions Maison des Langues
  • ISBN  9788419236593