MON ALTER EGO 1 - Livre de l'élève + Parcours digital - A1 - 9782017153139 - front cover

MON ALTER EGO 1 - Livre de l'élève + Parcours digital - A1

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MON ALTER EGO 1 - Livre de l'élève + Parcours digital.

Level A1.

The result of expertise in the service of French teaching to support learners, teachers and institutions.
Objectives that meet the needs of students as social actors and as learners.
Lessons based on a pedagogical scenario that promotes learner involvement and interactions within the class.
Strategies and tools pages that reinforce learner autonomy.
For the teacher, easy-to-learn lessons with the teaching scenario, the Practice section and the page to remember.
Proposals for activities and resources in Classe + to personalize and enrich the course.
A complete assessment system including a placement test, a wide range of knowledge checks and preparation for the DELF.
The monalterego.lab web assistant and resources (accompaniment tutorials, etc.) to facilitate the implementation of a course offer adapted to your audiences.
All the digital resources available online.

Published in 2023, paperback, 176 pages.

ISBN 9782017153139

Author - Catherine Hugot, Monique WAENDRIES & Celine HIMBER 

Publisher - Hachette

  • Publisher  Hachette
  • ISBN  9782017153139