Cosmopolite 4 : Livre de l'élève - 9782015135601 - front cover

Cosmopolite 4 : Livre de l'élève

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Cosmopolite 4 : Livre de l'élève

→ 8 folders including:
1 active file opening
4 learning lessons to experience the language in context
2 double “Focus Langue” pages for in-depth work on the language
1 double page "Strategies - Projects"
1 “DELF” double page
→ Practice activities and resources for the learner at the end of the book:
Training activities (grammar, lexicon and phonetics)
Useful expressions to help complete the final task
A complete DELF B2 test
A table of sounds
A grammatical guide
A conjugation table

A clear and easy-to-use structure to gradually acquire level B2
Long documents (oral, written, visual and video), with literary texts, from rich and varied authentic sources
Themes allowing to debate and exchange ideas in a current and authentic approach
A " Strategies " page specifically devoted to the production of different types of discourse (oral and written).

Published in 2019, paperback, 224 pages.

ISBN 9782015135601

Authors - Nathalie Hirschsprung, Tony Tricot, Anne Veillon Leroux, Sara Azevedo Rodrigues

Publisher - Hachette

  • Publisher  Hachette
  • ISBN  9782015135601