Focus - Grammaire du français B1-B2 - 9782016286524 - front cover

Focus - Grammaire du français B1-B2

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Focus - Grammaire du français B1-B2

The “all-in-one” reference and training collection
→ Student-centered
→ For work independently or in class
Master all French grammar (B1-B2) point by point:
detailed grammatical explanations on the left page
application exercises on the right page >
a report at the end of the chapter to assess what has been learned

+ A booklet of answers and transcriptions also downloadable.
+150 self-correcting digital activities from the Parcours digital®

Published in 2022, paperback, 192 pages.

ISBN 9782016286524

Authors - Anne Akyuz, Bernadette Bazelle-Shahmaei, Joelle Bonenfant, Marie-Françoise Glieman

Publisher - Hachette

  • Publisher  Hachette
  • ISBN  9782016286524