il Milione A1-A2 + online audio + resources - Italian course for CHINESE speakers

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il Milione A1-A2 + online audio + resources - Italian course for CHINESE speakers.

A1-A2 Levels.

l Milione is a language course designed for adult Chinese learners, both university and non-university, which offers a path of gradual discovery of the language: the communicative-actional approach that underlies it merges with games and recreational teaching activities, to make the learning process more fun and motivating.

In the first units, instructions, grammatical explanations and some words that are difficult to understand are translated into Chinese, both to make the meaning accessible and to lower the affective filter. The use of translation is progressively reduced as the various units progress.

Many activities have a playful nature and often involve the use of the internet in the research phase and the use of social networks in the interaction and presentation phase.

The texts and communication themes are placed in relation with aspects and references that recall China and Chinese culture in order to enhance the proposed inputs, support motivation and encourage the involvement of learners.

Structure of the manual - 

  • Introductory section of phonetics: first contacts with the phones and phonemes of Italian.
  • 10 units + 1 introductory unit
  • 5 intermediate tests with solutions.
  • Paper workbook with solutions : follows the same progression as the individual units and is also useful for self-studying.
  • CD – AUDIO with all the listening tracks of the units.
  • Phonetics section: each unit is associated with an in-depth study of phonetics that reuses texts and vocabulary from the unit itself, with the aim of consolidating, in addition to pronunciation and spelling, also previously introduced lexical and morphosyntactic structures.

Structure of the teaching unit:

  • Introductory lexical activity : to facilitate the global understanding of the input text through the use of functional images and, in some cases, also the translation into Chinese.
  • Listening or reading one or more input texts, with related global and analytical comprehension activities.
  • Focusing and reuse of the vocabulary present in the text and in the previous units.
  • Observe : the student is guided in understanding grammatical phenomena and structures.
  • Analysis and communicative reuse of functions and structures.
  • Oral strengthening activities: present in the "Materials for the teacher" section.
  • References to the paper and online workbook .
  • Summary game and/or web activity .
  • Final summary oral and written activity .


Extra and free course components:

Online workbook with solutions: consisting of a battery of additional activities designed for the reuse and fixation of the contents presented in class.
Material for the teacher: with the description of the activities, games and cards to cut out.

Published in 2022. paperback, 248 pages, 28.5x21cm.

ISBN 9786185554132

Authors - Marco Bistacchia, Alessia Giacinti, Irene Landi & Rossana Matteucci

Publisher - Ornimi

  • Publisher  Ornimi
  • ISBN  9786185554132