Auto akrivos - Greek language course

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Auto akrivos - Greek language course.

Please note that text is in Greek (no English text).

To quote the back cover - 

" If you are learning Greek as a second or foreign language and you keep asking "is this right?" every time you speak or write, then you hold the right book in your hands! "Exactly that!" is a book for Level B and for those who are not only interested in speaking comfortably, but also speaking and writing Greek correctly.

If you are interested in accuracy in your speech, the exercises in the book will help you achieve your goal. Through tables, explanations and many 'natural' examples you will clear up points that confuse you and make you wonder about the use and meaning of grammatical words and formulas.

It's not a "grammar book" and you do not need to be an expert to understand it. It's a grammar book that contains only what you need at this level, what you need to know to communicate in Greek. With "This Exactly!" you will observe the phenomena and you will do a lot of practice. In the end you will know what is right! "

Please note that text is in Greek (no English text).


Published in 2021, paperback, 368 pages, 29x21cm.

ISBN 9789603338871

Publisher - Grigoris Books, Greece

Author - Anastasia Maggana

  • Publisher  Grigoris
  • ISBN  9789603338871